About The Center

The Facility:

The LCDC is divided into three departments. Administration, Adult Detention and Juvenile Detention.

The facility was built in 2000 and holds 385 inmates. The design of the facility differs from a traditional jail where there are no bars in the LCDC separating officers and inmates. Instead we incorporate walls, with glass partitions which allows officers to maintain direct supervision of all inmates. This ensures that inmates are constantly being observed, and are aware that they are under observation.


The LCDC is Children's Youth and Families Department (CYFD) certified to house 4 juvenile inmates. The certification is for male inmates. The juveniles in custody are monitored at all times by a New Mexico Certified Juvenile Detention Officer. The Deming Public Schools provides a teacher for educational classes, allowing the juveniles to maintain their education while they are in the facility. The facility offers both class room instruction, and online instruction. Besides educational services, detainees are also given various counseling and job training services.

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