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Luna County has a rich history of involvement in the entertainment industry, with local filming stretching back to 1953's "The Tall Texan." Our beautiful landscape, unique history, friendly community, and cooperative local agencies make Deming and Luna County an ideal location for film and media projects. We have plenty of hotel rooms, great weather, a municipal airport capable of handling small passenger jets, and positioning on Interstate 10 and a variety of state highways (including the shortcut to Albuquerque if you're coming from the west).   

Deming's historic downtown district — dating back to the late 1800s — could serve as the backdrop for a period piece, and Luna County's diverse desert landscapes and craggy Florida Mountains can act as a double for the Middle East or a throwback to the wild west. Remnants of a once vibrant mining industry and a currently thriving agricultural industry can add flavor to most productions.

Contact film liaison Matt Robinson for more information about the area or the state's lucrative incentives for film and media productions. The Luna County Film Office can serve as your eyes and ears on the ground, and act as a middleman to make contact with property owners, other government agencies and businesses needed to help make your artistic vision a reality - and it is all at no cost to your production. The Film Office is a service established by the vision of the Luna County Board of Commissioners, because they realize film and media productions are valuable for the area's economic development and cultural heritage.

Luna County is thrilled to help make your media project a reality. Here is information you might find helpful:

  • Luna County Film Office offers its services at no charge. We can help you find property, buildings, support services and other needs, but we do not negotiate fees or rates.
  • No film permits are required by the city or county.
  • Plenty of public land. Two-thirds of Luna County is either federal or state land. We can help you find land and make contact with the appropriate agency.
  • Luna County's film liaison is an experienced photographer with extensive knowledge of the area and community.
  • About 100 miles from El Paso International Airport. Our local airport has an 8,000 foot runway (among other runways) and refueling capacity.
  • Luna County government owns and maintains over 1,400 miles of road. Whether your project needs paved, dirt, or gravel roads, we can most likely help without having to involve other agencies.
  • We have a rich agricultural industry. If you are looking for ranch or farmland, we can find the right look for your project.
  • Luna County is located on the international border with Palomas, Chihuahua, Mexico. Palomas is a small town of about 4,700. We can help you make contacts there, if needed.
  • Three state parks: Rockhound, Spring Canyon (technically part of Rockhound, but distinct in many ways) and Pancho Villa. A fourth, City of Rocks, is located just outside the county line. It features spectacular rock formations unique to Southern New Mexico.
  • Wind and solar generation facilities throughout county.
  • Multiple desert looks. We have the fertile Nutt Grasslands in the northwest, and the mesquite-heavy upper Chihuahuan desert around the rest of the county.
  • Diverse architecture. Deming and Luna County feature a variety of home styles, including early 20th century brick homes, ranch houses on sprawling acreage, southwestern stucco-finished houses, multiple trailer and recreational vehicle parks, and just about everything in between.

Founded: 1881

Population: Deming, 15,000; Luna County, 27,000

Elevation: 4,335 feet

Average Annual Precipitation: 11"

Wettest Months of the Year: July through September

Driest Months of the Year: April through May

Avg. Temp. (°F)   HighLow

First Frost: About November

Thank you to Deming-Luna County Chamber of Commerce for the information

New Mexico offers a 25% to 30% Refundable Film & Television Production Tax Credit program based on production costs subject to NM state taxation for services in-state.

  • Television series, and pilots intended for series in NM, qualify for 30%.
  • Other projects utilizing soundstages and standing sets may also be eligible for 30% on resident labor.
  • Credit is also available on a limited number of nonresident BTL positions (15% in 2016), and on nonresident on-camera talent (25% in 2016).

For more information, visit http://www.nmfilm.com/Overview.aspx.

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