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We are responsible for long-range planning activities, and for managing the land development process through establishing and maintaining the plans formulated by the County Commissioners, coordinating internal review processes for all site plans, managing the County land use plan map and proposed amendments related to site development projects, and reviewing all requesters for vacations of public right-of-way and easements.


The Building Division ensures that the County's physical environment is built according to the State of New Mexico's minimum standards of construction. The intent is to protect the value and safety of each construction project, the value and safety of its neighbors, and the contribution each project makes to the County's economic base.

Building Division staff members assist developers and contractors who wish to build or remodel structures within the County, guiding them through the necessary zoning, permitting, and inspection processes that are in place to enhance the appearance, growth, and safety of our community.


The Code Enforcement Division ensures that facilities and physical features, once constructed, are maintained over time. The intent is to preserve the quality, compatibility, appearance, and value of the County's physical assets, and to prevent deterioration of this vital source of economic stability.

The County's Code Enforcement Officer responds to neighbor complaints and perform pro-active neighborhood patrols in their quest to bring Luna County properties into compliance with county codes.

Most property maintenance issues are minor and resolved quickly once property owners are notified. Unfortunately, there are a handful of cases each year where it is necessary to issue citations because of continued or repetitive noncompliance.

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