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 We are closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday and all legal holidays. In case of emergency, call Luna County Sheriff's Department (575) 546-2655 .


Our departmental goals are to provide the people living and working within the County services in the area of safety; by keeping county roads in the best repair possible, enhancing and preserving the existing paved roads and county maintained highways, provide flood control throughout the county by installing culverts (where practical) to prevent washouts of roads and ditches to divert/control the direction of flood waters when applicable. By the maintenance of our roadways we promote growth in the county, growth in the agricultural industry (farm to market venues) and assist homeland security by providing safe and well maintained roads to enable quick response should an emergency arise.

If you have any road concerns please email us at roads@lunacountynm.us
Please make sure you include the following in your email to us:
*   Name
*   Address
*  Email (if different from the email being used to submit your concern)
* Phone Numbers

If you have any road concerns please email us at roads@lunacountynm.us

Please make sure you include the following in your email to us:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email (if different than from where you are emailing)
  • Phone Number
  • ROAD WIDTH: Right of way easements to the County shall not be less than eighty (80) feet, the only exception shall be for preexisting subdivisions providing not less than sixty (60) foot easement. The actual road base width shall not be less than thirty (30) feet. The applicant(s) shall be responsible for providing conclusive proof the applicant(s) own the area of underlying easement or can otherwise convey merchantable title to the area. For sub-divisions, a lawfully dedicated easement must be part of the approved sub-division. 
  • SUB-GRADE: This item consists of the dressing, scarfing, shaping, wetting and compacting as required. Sub-grade will be four (4) inches above surrounding natural ground. 
  • DITCHES: The term "ditches" shall be interpreted to mean all side ditches, inlet and outlet ditches, changes in channels or streams, to and from culverts and other structures, diversion ditches and other ditches in connection with surface drainage. 
  • COMPACTION: Except, as otherwise specified, the degree of compaction and density for back-filling and sub-grade shall be a minimum of ninety (90) percent. 
  • BASE MATERIAL: Four (4) inches of pit-run gravel compacted to a minimum of ninety (90) percent.
  • UTILITIES: All underground utilities will be buried a minimum of forty-two (42) inches. Documentation proving all underground utilities, from each utility company, are buried a minimum of forty-two (42} inches.


  •  Annual deadline for application is December 1st. 
  • Each application will be reviewed and qualified by the Road Superintendent or designee prior to the January meeting of the Board of County Commissioners.
  • Shortly after the January meeting, the Commissioners and the Road Superintendent will inspect the site and determine the condition of the road. A water flow assessment will be performed to insure NO water flow diversion has been constructed.
  • If a road does not meet the County specifications, the property owners shall have an opportunity to make the required improvements no later than January of the same year. 
  • The decision of the Board of County Commissioners will be announced at their regular meeting in February.

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