Community Health and Well Being

The mission of the Community Health and Well Being Department exists to advance the public health, well being, and quality of life of the residents of Luna County by obtaining and leveraging funds through partnerships with governmental, non-profit, and private agencies, resulting in the development and support of programs and projects that address identified community needs.

Luna County Healing House 
Luna Health Council
Parents as Teachers serving Luna and Hidalgo Counties
Juvenile Justice Continuum of Services & Literacy
Adult Drug Court
Court Appointed Special Advocates

Mental Health, Well Being and Substance Abuse Resources

Disclosing a Mental Health Condition to Others

 How Parents Can Prevent Drug Abuse

 Disability, Substance Abuse & Addiction

 The Comprehensive Guide to Home Accessibility for People with Disabilities in Recovery

 Financial Burdens of Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

 The Guide To Keeping Your Home Through Debilitating Disease

 8 Ways to Prevent Relapse


Healing After the Passing of Your Parent: How to Nurture Your Grief Without Drugs or Alcohol