About The Center

The Facility:

The LCDC is divided into two departments. Administration and Adult Detention. 

The facility was built in 2000 and holds a max capacity of 610 detainees. The design of the facility differs from a traditional jail where there are no bars in the LCDC separating officers and inmates. Instead we incorporate walls, with glass partitions which allows officers to maintain direct supervision of all inmates. This ensures that inmates are constantly being observed, and are aware that they are under observation.

Inmate Services:

Luna County Detention Center provides the following services to detainees: 

- Batters Intervention Program (Females) 

- Chances Program (Females) 

- Hope Recovery (Males/Females) 

- Matrix Group (Females)

- MRT (Males/Females)

- Stress & Anxiety Management Groups Spanish-English (Males/Females)