Community & Economic Development

Luna County is dedicated to growing the wealth of Luna County through the creation of diversified economic based job opportunities for its residents.

Our economic development office can:

  • provide you with one on one counseling
  • assist you with tools you need to:
    • start a business
    • create a business plan
    • access finance
    • grow your business

We can connect you to the many resources you need for a successful business.

Luna County is committed to economic development initiatives as well as protecting and preserving our resources and cultural traditions.The county can be the bridge to success for the residents and businesses.Luna County can provide industrial revenue bonds (IRBs). Luna County has adopted an economic development plan pursuant to the Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) authorizing the County to enter into agreements with local governments to approve economic development projects.

Luna County has earned the distinction of being a county that focuses on job creation and economic development.Luna County received accreditation from the NM Economic Development Department (NM EDD) for its continued efforts to support economic growth in the area. Luna County is committed to helping you succeed as a New Mexico business owner.