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Address Application County

Address Application - Columbus

Burn Notice Please refer to the following Ordinance for burn restrictions: Ordinance 84

Claim of Exemption Form

Memorandum of Complaint Form

Manufactured Home Installation Permit

Property Donation Form; please refer to the following Ordinance for the procedure of Donations:  Amended Ordinance 101

RV Application for 30 Days

RV Application for 240 Days

Utility Easement Vacations

 Energy Generation Application Please refer to the Energy Project policy for the guidelines to apply for Solar Projects: Energy Project Policy

Wireless Communications Application: Please refer to the following Ordinances and Resolution for the guidelines, procedures and fees for this process: Ordinance 53; Second AmendmentResolution 22-77; Small Wireless Facility Design Guidelines , and Amended Resolution 22-03; Notice of Fees

Contractor vendor form

Event Vendor form [Luna County] Event Vendors (

For Building Permit Applications please refer to CID at Forms and Applications | NM RLD

Credit Card Payment Link