The Luna County Sheriff's Department Criminal-Investigations Division (CID) handles most felony-level criminal investigations. CID is compromised of one Lieutenant, One Sergeant, and three investigators.
Some examples of crimes handled by the division are:
  • Crimes Against Persons: including homicides, aggravated robberies, sexual assault and kidnappings.
  • Crimes Against Children: including child abuse and tracking registered sex offenders.
  • Gang Related Crimes: including drive-by shootings, apprehension of fugitives and extortion claims.
  • Financial Crimes: including white-collar crimes, public integrity crimes and cyber crimes, fraud and forgery.
  • Death Investigations: including unattended deaths, suicides and cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • Domestic Violence Crimes
  • Animal -Cruelty Crimes
  • Property Crimes
  • Narcotic Crimes: Dealing, Trafficking, and Smuggling of Controlled Substances.
CID investigators respond to crime scenes and complete preliminary and follow-up investigations, then conduct research to establish common links between crimes, and then they seek to identify and arrest violent offenders. Afterward, they record and track statistical information on criminal activity.