Case Management Services

Services for both shelter residents and non-residential clients to assist with connecting to community resources such as:

  •  Housing
  • Employment Preparation/ Application Processes
  • State Benefits
  • Establishing a Primary Care Physician
  • Establishing Counseling Services
  • Educational Services (life skills and knowledge)
  • Transportation Services
As well as Legal Advocacy services, which include:

  •  Domestic Violence Orders of Protection (DVOP)
  • Providing continued legal case-management following the issuance of the DVOP
    • Including: filing motions, affidavits of violation, applications to modify/extend and terminate, etc.
  • Providing referrals to New Mexico Legal Aid (NMLA) to assist clients with additional legal needs such as divorce and custody
  • Referrals to Catholic Charities to assist with immigration issues

If you are in immediate danger please call 911.

The Luna County Healing House is open 24/7, please call 575-546-6539 or come to 522 W. Pine St. Deming, NM.