Offender Services

Batterer’s Intervention Program (BIP)

A 52 week program that is open to any adult participant (male and female) who is interested in
learning about healthy communication. Program participants are either self-referred or
court-mandated. Our BIP Program follows the accredited Family Peace Initiative’s trauma-focused
curriculum to end cruelty in relationships. This guide will use group processes rich in opportunities
for personal introspection and childhood reflection that will give participants the tools and
information to heal and improve their communication skills. The program’s goal is to change abusive
communication through the recognition of the abuser’s: 1. abusive behavior, 2. being victims of
abuse themselves, 3. culture/ society/ upbringing/ environment that may support the use of violence
and aggression. The program participants are expected to take accountability for their
abusive actions and to take responsibility for their healing.

Services are available at the Luna County Healing House, 522 W. Pine St. Deming, NM

*The Luna County Healing Houses’s BIP Program is accredited and is compliant with New Mexico State
program standards and recommendations. We do not offer couple counseling or anger management

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*To participate in our BIP classes you must come to the Luna County Healing House (522 W. Pine St. Deming, NM) and complete an intake, or call 575-546-6539 for more information.

If you are in immediate danger please call 911.

The Luna County Healing House is open 24/7, please call 575-546-6539 or come to 522 W. Pine St. Deming, NM.