Risk Management

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Risk Managements job here at Luna County is to ensure that safety guidelines, asset protection, data collections, incident investigations, insurance claims, root cause analysis, tort claims, guidelines to OSHA , NFPA, and any other applicable state and federal laws and regulations are upheld and followed. As we continue to grow everyday, so does each department and Risk Management is one of the vital branches for Luna County.

Risk Management staff:

Joann Moorman - Safety/Risk Management Coordinator

** Near-Misses at work **

If a Near-Miss workplace incident has happened please refer to the red menu to the left of this page. The form is fillable online and Luna County as well as the Safety Committee encourages all County staff to take part in filling out the near-miss form. The County and the Safety Committee want to emphasize that reporting a near-miss will not result in any discipline. This is an effort to address a possible hazard that could harm another individual down the road.

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